eMaestro provides offshore and near shore sourcing services that bring a unique combination of experience and objectivity to your solutions eMaestro assists clients in developing Outsourcing & Shared Service relationships. We offer on-site, near-shore and offshore services and flexible delivery modules suitable to individual clients’ needs. Outsourcing with us can save you almost 75% of your costs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing and why eMaestro is the best to partner with you.

Why Outsource ?

•   Our access to the world’s largest pool of highly qualified IT professionals
•   Our low cost, high quality, high speed delivery capability.
•   The ability to quickly set up small or large teams for the most appropriate response.
•   Proven execution methodology. Metrics drive, quality oriented processes.
•   Our access to the world’s largest pool of highly qualified IT professionals
•   Better security and continuity.
•   Strict control of budget without compromising quality and efficiency.
•   Lower ongoing investment required on your internal infrastructure.
•   Our greater ability to control delivery dates.
•   Gains from eMaestro strict adherence to the best industry practices and quality control systems.

Why We are Better ?

When you start with eMaestro you stay with eMaestro, if our clients’ experience and history is any indication. The reasons clients start with and stay with us are not always the same. But they are all part of the eMaestro experience.

We asked our clients what advantage they gained from working with eMaestro, and this is what they had told us.

What new clients value about eMaestro

•   Cost-effective competitiveness
•   Technological expertise
•   Demonstration competence
•   Scalable availability

What experienced clients value about eMaestro

•  Real Partnership approach
•  Responsiveness
•  Stability and Balance
•  Company Culture

eMaestro clients become beneficiaries of the superior services and value realized for every dollar spent through our unique business style of variable scalable team approach to each project.

For more information on how eMaestro can partner with you to leverage these benefits to your projects please contact us at HR@eMaestro.com

eMaestro in Hyderabad, India

Our offshore development center located in Hyderabad, India is equipped with state of the art infrastructure. Our dedicated team of the best IT professionals provides services and support to our clients round the clock. Some of the highlights of our center are

•   State of the art infrastructure and technological resources.
•   24/7 high speed communication links with our global offices.
•   Strategic location in Hi-tech city with presence of Microsoft , IBM and many other IT companies.
•   Inherent strengths of India’s vibrant democracy, legal system, corporate culture and economy.