Mobile Applications development

We build cutting edge cross-platform, Android and iOS Tablets/smartphone applications. Mobile operating systems companies are giving their best available resources for creating application in much convenient way, but the development of similar type of new applications in short period for each mobile operating system is a problem. Mobile application development tools have solved this cross-platform problem to a great extent. These tools provide the development of application in much shorter time than to develop by using specific software development kit of mobile operating systems. The applications created by the tools are cross-platform which avoids developing same type of application separately. So these tools could be really useful for the developers to build applications with a wide scope and less time.

Android Development

We have developed quality Android development solutions using Object-Oriented design concepts.After the Android application development our recent efforts have gained us good reputation & immense success in developing android Architecture that supports your Android mobile application. This architecture allows reusability so you only need to develop a business function once, and multiple Android devices can reuse it. The architecture can also integrate with your existing business data and systems, extending your Android solution.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A business management solution that integrates all facets of a business – Planning, Finance, Materials, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Human Resources etc. The solution boosts productivity, connectivity and business insight for small and medium-sized companies in a cost-effective way.

SAP Business One Solutions

 An integrated and affordable business management solution that is specifically designed for small and midsize businesses. It provides users with a consistent, intuitive environment that they can learn quickly and use effectively, and at the same time SAP Business One is powerful enough, enabling companies to manage their businesses and grow to new levels of success.

The SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV services provided by us include: software licensing, data migration, implementation, support, consultancy and training.

We deploy resources on integrated teams that work with our clients to undertake complex enterprise transformation efforts.

Our focus:

Development Methodologies

  • Analysis and design
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Change management

Process Design

  • Understand & blueprint
  • Allotment of resources
  • Establishment of hierarchy
  • Monitoring the work flow

Financial Services

  • Revenue & Expense analysis
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Business process analysis

Software Evaluation and Selection

  • shortlist of supplies
  • Propose the best
  • Selecting the software
  • Installation & administration

Business Development

  • Case analysis
  • Project definition
  • Process debug & support

Project Implementation

  • Research & analysis
  • Budget /contract compliance
  • Planning & monitoring
  • Accomplishment